Seismic Anisotropy

Scattering Atlas

maps scattering radiation patterns by anisotropic parameters into the wavenumber domain. Which reveals scattering features in arbitrary parametrization of orthorhombic media. Arbitrary parameterization can be easily investigated by just entering expressions for mapping it into standard stiffness matrix -- density parameterization.

Scattering Atlas is also a reproducible paper by itself: What anisotropic elastic properties can body waves resolve? Vladimir Kazei & Tariq Alkhalifah, 2019 Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth


Modeling in 3D elastic anisotropic media with up to orthorhombic complexity. ASOFI3D stands for Anisotropic Seismic mOdeling with FInite differences in 3D. This code is intended for modeling of seismic wave propagation and is based on SOFI3D code with the addition of orthorhombic anisotropy. Orthorhombic anisotropy with symmetry planes aligned with coordinate planes does not need extra computations comparatively to standard isotropic media. Apart from adding anisotropy we updated compilation, visualization, postprocessing (merging multidomain snapshots). Finally, automated continuous integration was added with a set of tests for further development.

Full-waveform inversion (FWI)

Fast Helmholtz

2D Helmholtz solver with 1st and 2nd order Clayton-Enquist boundary conditions. Bounded matrix solver accelerates FWI in long and shallow models.

Deep learning

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